Success Stories

We’re changing the way pain is treated, without surgery, without medication, with a true partner.

Joe, a 32 year old male had suffered from neck pain, upper back pain, and left buttock pain radiating down the back of his left leg. His symptoms began five months earlier and became so severe that they involved both of his arms from the elbows down. He was a webmaster and was unable to work. His working diagnosis was RSI, or repetitive stress disorder. He began to use voice recognition at his computer. The patient’s history is notable for multiple family divorces, sexual abuse and anger. We worked together over a period of months and he was able to stop using voice recognition and function as a webmaster again.

BL presented with four herniated disks in his neck. He was experiencing numbness, loss of muscle tone, and loss of muscle function in both arms. Nerve conduction studies were abnormal. His symptoms became worse when he participated in competitive athletics with his children and he realized he was unable to exercise. The patient had proctitis and sleep apnea. After two months of therapy his symptoms completely disappeared.

This patient from Mongolia was seen with a long diagnosis of fibromyalgia, multiple episodes of infectious disease at home, and ultimately with fatigue, labile blood pressure, anorexia, tinnitus and constipation. We worked for months and the patient went home healthy and happy.

A software developer suddenly became unable to type due to severe bilateral upper back pain. One acupuncture treatment cleared the areas of muscle spasm and he was back to work within hours.

AH was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, deep vein thrombophlebitis with pulmonary embolization and a malignant pancreatic mass with metastases to his lungs and liver. A celiac nerve block had been performed without pain relief. He had also experienced a myocardial infarction. He presented with severe abdominal, back and bilateral flank pain. By utilizing multiple simultaneous acupuncture approaches I was able to relieve most of his pain.

MD is a veteran who experienced PTSD after being discharged from Iraq. Over time he began to experience pain in both hands and wrists and became unable to type or write. He continually felt fearful, insecure and experienced flashbacks. After spending several hours in the office, he became able to type and write normally.

TS is a software developer who 12 hours prior to a deadline suddenly found himself unable to type at his computer keyboard. He became panicked with virtually complete upper extremity paralysis. After several hours of intense and focused therapy his upper extremity function returned and he was able to successfully meet his deadline several hours later.

FJ developed low back pain and lower extremity numbness. The pain was worked up and did not respond to traditional modalities. It progressed to neck pain, headaches, extra heart beats, GI upset, shortness of breath, and chest, buttock and thigh pain. Sleep studies and nerve conduction studies were normal. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia and after 6 months of intensive care the patient left virtually symptom free.

PK was a member of the US Olympic Team. While training she sustained a neck injury and required stabilization of several cervical vertebrae. Her convalescence last several months, but after convalescing from surgery she had a difficult time getting back to her running routine. Every time she ran she developed severe pain, tingling and numbness which radiated down both of her arms. She pursued medical treatment of all types, all to no avail. After she was unable to run a competitive race for a year we began an intensive course of acupuncture. Within several months her symptoms began to abate, and she is currently back to competing competitively in the marathon running event.

BS presented with severe low back pain, unresponsive to both medical and surgical therapy for years. After therapy, her pain disappeared completely.

ZS came in with heartburn, anxiety and back pain unresponsive to medication and physical therapy. Following my therapy her pain and anxiety completely disappeared. Mark Strom, MD

EB was referred by a neurologist when she complained of severe headaches which prevented her from working. The headaches were unresponsive to any type of therapy. Following several therapy sessions her symptoms disappeared.

AJ was seen in the office with a history of bilateral shoulder fusions, a right knee replacement, left knee pain, neck pain from compressed cervical disks, and bilateral wrist pain. His prominent pain syndrome was related to his neck, but he wished to have all of his pain resolved before leaving for Hawaii exactly one week after our initial meeting. I explained that if we accomplished that task I wanted a bottle of champagne. The treatment modality was acupuncture, and I won my bottle of champagne!

XY was a high functioning talented and gifted ballet dancer who fell and injured her back in her early thirties. She developed severe back pain and was unable to continue working. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia was made. Over a period of time, her symptoms disappeared.

TT came into the office with her husband and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. She had been wheelchair bound for 13 years. After one visit, she got up out of her wheelchair and never looked back.

A gentlemen in his thirties was planning to compete in his first triathlon. He was disappointed when his back and upper neck became painful and he became unable to run. After two acupuncture treatments he was up and about as though an injury had never occurred.

DS was experiencing severe Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) following a stress fracture. She had severe muscular atrophy and weakness. After some sessions, her pain disappeared, and when last seen her muscular weakness and atrophy were resolving.

MS sustained a horseback riding injury three weeks prior to being seen. She required narcotics and physical therapy to control her symptoms. Physical examination revealed a massive black and blue mark involving her right chest and hip. One acupuncture treatment resulted in a major reduction in her pain, and she was able to stop her medications.

AK experienced her first episode of back pain 10 years ago after a fall. She went on to develop a left frozen shoulder, right frozen shoulder, and sexual dysfunction. After 6 months of intensive therapy she became completely functional, resilient and well.